Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Garage Door

At some point, your garage door might stop working suddenly and fail to open as required. Such failures can be attributed to mechanical factors. While some problems can be fixed easily by a professional, others are permanent and will require you to replace the entire door. If your garage door problem can be solved by a professional technician, then request for their service. However, if your garage door is rusty and the jamming and other issues keep re-occurring, you are better off replacing it. This article provides you with insight on the best time to replace your garage door. Having such awareness will save you money that would otherwise have been spent on unnecessary repair and maintenance efforts.

Garage Door Noise -- If you notice that you oil the hinges of your garage door, but it still makes an annoying noise, then it is probably time to replace it. A noisy garage door is an obvious sign that it has outlived its usefulness. Noise indicates that the moving parts of your garage door have worn out beyond repair. For example, if you have a garage door that uses a chain opener and your efforts to muffle the noise have failed, you are better off purchasing a new garage door because the chain has worn out and lost grip for pulling the lever mechanism.

Faulty Safety Reversal Feature -- Today, garage doors are manufactured with a safety reversal feature. The safety reversal feature is important because it helps in detecting obstacles that are in the way of the garage door closing. If there is an obstacle, the garage door will stop closing, preventing damage to the object and to the door itself. However, at some point the mechanism will malfunction, which is a sign that your garage door needs replacing. Replacement of the door is particularly important because of safety reasons. For instance, if the reversal feature is not working, the garage door might hit someone and fail to release thereby causing more injury.

Garage Door That Uses Manual Keys -- Different garage doors use varied opening mechanisms. For instance, some doors are automatic while others use a lock and key mode. Nonetheless, if you have a key operated garage door, switching to an automated solution would be a good move. With safety ranking high among homeowners, your family will be safer with an automatic garage door compared to a manual one. For example, some garage doors can change the access code automatically every time they are opened and closed, which reinforces security. Furthermore, automatic garage doors are more functional and efficient.