When your glass door needs attention

Glass doors are essential in maintaining the beauty of your home or office. With regular use, they require the attention of technicians for maintenance and repair. Sometimes you have no choice but to replace your glass doors.

The following are common hitches that can be repaired:

Opening and closing mechanisms

If your door has hinges, they can get creaky and weak. A little lubrication could work, but in some cases, the hinges need to be replaced, especially if they are broken.

Sliding doors will inevitably become harder to open or close. In many cases, they have to be taken apart. Professional door repair technicians will look at the track to see if it is clear and aligned right. Occasionally, the track could just need cleaning.

The next things are the rollers. They need to be replaced from time to time, or they might need a little lubrication for the door to operate like new.

The door handles and knobs could need replacing when they come apart, or tightening if they become loose. In case the lock jams, you will need it repaired or a new lock installed.


The glass screen could crack or break. In such a case, the screen is usually replaced. The technicians take the measurements, prepare a new screen and fit it into the frame. To prevent people from walking into your glass door, consider adding features like visible lines etched across the door.

In some cases, the screen fades or becomes blurry. This also calls for it to be replaced. The rubber holding the screen could also be weakened, which causes the screen to slant or become short. The door has to be taken apart, and new, strong rubber can be installed.

In many cases, a problem with the frame will force you to consider replacing your glass door. A weak or broken frame means very dangerous doors that can easily fall and cause injuries.

Replacing your glass doors

You will be sure that you have to replace your glass door when the technician has seen it and told you that doing so is the best option.

Choose a company that provides the best quality glass doors and are compliant with safety and strength regulations. Look at the services offered, like delivery, transport, installation and warranty.

Always have the contact information of a good glass door repair company in case you need emergency door repair or replacement.