Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Security Doors for the Home

Security doors are a great choice for any home entryway; they're usually a solid metal piece, or are made with a very dense and sturdy inside layer that makes the door a bit lighter but still impenetrable. If you're thinking of having security doors installed in your home, note a few commonly asked questions and then discuss these with an installer as needed, so you can determine if this is the right choice for you.

Should a door be of steel or aluminium?

Aluminium security doors are often less expensive than steel; this metal is very sturdy and harder to break open than wood, but it's still a very lightweight material that is somewhat easy to dent and ding. An aluminium door can often be pried open with a good pry bar, or it may be easier to remove it from the door's exposed hinges or frame. For real security at your entryway doors, invest in steel, as it's stronger and denser and much harder to pry open.

Can a homeowner paint a security door?

Steel doors can be painted if you use an exterior paint meant for metal surfaces. However, even if you use the right type of paint for a metal door, that paint will eventually peel and chip away and may fade due to exposure to sun and the elements. Powder coating is a process that adheres a powder colour to the door; this makes it last much longer and can help protect the door from corrosion and other damage. If you ever want to update the look of your security door, consider having it powder coated rather than trying to paint it yourself.

Don't security doors look very industrial?

If you're concerned about the appearance of a security door, note that you can choose a door that has a wood layer glued or adhered over the metal, so the door looks like solid wood. You might also have the door powder coated a bright and bold colour, as mentioned above, so it looks more attractive than drab grey.  Thick glass block windows can also be added; this can break up the look of metal while still keeping the door secure. Consider leaded glass, which is difficult to break and can also be stained any colour or pattern. Also, consider having oversized and attractive accessories added to the outside of the door, this can include a large matte black handle and faux hinges, or your house numbers, which can make the door look more residential and less industrial.