Features to Look For in Your Next Residential Garage Door

Your home's garage door may be more important than you realize, as many homes have a very prominent attached garage or one that is very visible from the street, so the appearance of the garage door can affect the overall look of your entire property. An attached garage is also the main entryway into the home for many people, so a door that is convenient and easy to operate is very important. Note a few features to look for in your next residential garage door so you know you get the right type and style for your home, and don't overlook any important features.


If the garage is attached to the home, an insulated door can mean less cold and heat making its way into the house from the garage. However, even if you have a detached garage, more insulation along the door can mean less heat and humidity that gets trapped inside the garage itself, avoiding early rust and corrosion of tools, your lawn care equipment, and even your car. With an insulated door, your car's battery may be less likely to drain due to exposure to cold and heat during temperature extremes, and less humidity in the garage during summertime will mean less rust that forms on lawnmower blades and other equipment.

Low maintenance

A wood garage door may look nice, but it will need constant maintenance, including resealing and a fresh coat of paint. Steel may be prone to rust, whereas aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion. A composite material made of wood and plastic can look like wood but won't need the same maintenance, and a vinyl door is also virtually indestructible and maintenance free.

Wind resistance

On a windy day, a rattling garage door can be a great nuisance; it can also damage the tracks of the door and the opener, and other mechanics. Choose a reinforced door that is meant to withstand high winds and which is insulated to keep it steady even during the strongest of storms.


Garage doors look more stylish than ever today because they're so visible, as mentioned above. Glazing, or the adding of large glass panes in place of metal or wood, can be a great choice for adding style to your home's garage door. The glass can be frosted to hide items in the garage, and a light inside can add a glow that is visible through the glass. If you have a very neat garage and want to show off your car, clear glass can be a good choice as well.