How to Add More Storage to a Small Bathroom

Storage in a small bathroom can be a challenge; simply putting up shelves or bringing in hampers and other accessories to keep you organized may not be a solution, if these things get in the way of foot traffic or even the bathroom door! However, you don't need to struggle with storage when your home has a small bathroom; note a few tips and tricks for creating space for everything you need to keep in the bathroom.

Use a shower screen

If the bathroom has a walk-in shower, you won't have the ledge of a tub to hold items needed in the bath. Shower screens can be a good solution, versus a curtain, as it gives you an added wall around the tub. You can then affix storage hooks and shelves to this screen. Inside the screen, opt for a soap shelf, or a hook for a razor or shower brush. Outside the screen, hang a bar for towels.

Baskets on the towel rods

Note the towel rods you have in the bathroom and if they're holding towels that are merely for decoration, and which are not actually used for drying hands. If so, this is just wasted space! Use hooks to hold baskets from these rods, and then store toiletries, hair care supplies, and other items in these baskets, to maximize wall space and not waste it with items that are not actually being used.

Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan, or stacked trays that turn like a carousel, are often used on dining room tables or in cupboards, to allow easy access to everything on the tray. You can use one in the bathroom for your smaller items, including dental floss, dental picks, eye drops, ear drops, and so on. The stacking trays offer more storage than if you simply lined things up on the counter along the sink, and being able to spin the lazy Susan ensures you have easy access to everything needed.

Magnet strip

If you're always searching around the bathroom for your small metallic items, such as nail clippers, tweezers, manicure scissors, hair clips, bobby pins, and the like, use a magnet strip along the wall. These are usually found at any craft supply or home supply store, and they will have a peel-and-stick backing that makes them very easy to apply to any surface. You can then just stick your metal items on this strip and they're organized, visible, and easily accessible, and won't take up valuable storage space in your cabinets.