5 Signs You Need To Hire a Garage Door Contractor to Install A New Garage Door

Your garage door takes a beating every day. After many years of service, it will wear down and possibly get to a point where you can only itch for an upgrade. While investing in a new door means digging a little deeper into your pocket, it's the best solution to keep your garage functioning as usual. Below are five indicators that it's time to upgrade your garage door:

1. The Door Produces Strange Loud Sound 

Your garage door won't stay strong for a lifetime, and it will deteriorate in performance over time. As the motor gets older, the door will start to make an unusual sound. You're likely to hear cranking, creaking, or squeaking noises every time you open and close the door. If this keeps happening from time to time, you should consider an upgrade. 

2. The Door Opens Rather Slowly 

If you've tried opening the door lately and it doesn't respond to the pull as well as it used to, chances are it's time to consider getting a new door. The sluggishness isn't worth enduring if it will make you run late for work and other crucial appointments. So, if you notice an unusual slowness, invest in a new door. 

3. The Door Won't Open

A slow-moving door can be somewhat irritating. But it isn't as annoying as a door that won't open at all. Quite too often, garage doors fail to open because their batteries are weak. If this is the case, you can replace them, and you're good to go.

But if the batteries aren't the issue, freezing weather could be the culprit. However, it could also indicate a more severe underlying problem, which only an expert garage door contractor can diagnose. 

4. The Door Has Reduced Reliability

Has the opener for your garage been acting up lately? Are there any delays? These can mess up with your early morning schedule. Such delays mean that the opener is overheating from the worn-out motor. Therefore, if the garage door opener seems to malfunction too often, get a new one installed by a garage door technician. 

5. The Door Needs an Upgrade

If your garage door is old and outdated, you will need to replace it with the latest model in the market. By doing that, you will benefit from current features in garage doors, including backup batteries, silent operation, and remote control.

When you see these signs, call a local garage door contractor right away to replace the door. Waiting too long might worsen the situation and even put your family and property at the risk of accidents.