4 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Annual Fire Inspections

Many people don't regard annual fire inspections as essential as other safety initiatives. This tends to happen where fires are not a common phenomenon. Sadly, most of the fires that cause thousands of dollars in property damage are preventable. 

Fire inspections are essential for every business as it lowers the risk of incurring losses due to fire damage. Read on to discover the reasons why you shouldn't miss your annual fire inspection: 

1. To Ensure Your Fire Detection System Works

Typically, the fire inspection aims to check the fire alarm and fighting measures you have installed on your premises. The professionals usually assess the condition of the fire alarm, extinguishers, sprinkler alarms, and all other parts of the system. They also verify whether your warning systems and the emergency exits are in good shape. Good fire-fighting equipment will last and serve you for many years, with proper maintenance and annual checks.

2. To Comply With Fire Codes

It is crucial to remain compliant with local fire codes for several reasons. First, you will be avoiding penalties and other complications which might arise when you break the laws. Secondly, if a fire breaks out and the authorities discover you were not compliant, you might get into serious legal trouble. Therefore, getting the building inspected ensures that you are on the right side of the local and national building and fire safety codes.

3. To Keep Your Insurance Costs Low 

Most insurers offer coverage for fire damage. However, they will demand an inspection report to confirm the state of your fire protection system before giving you a cover. Also, the premium you get depends on whether your building is at high risk or low risk. 

High-risk buildings are generally those that do not have up-to-date fire-fighting systems. By getting annual fire inspection reports, you keep your building within the low-risk bracket and get favourable premiums from the insurer.

4. To Safeguard the Building Occupants

Fires can cause a lot of damage to property. Worse still, they can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. While you might have the insurance to cover the injuries, your company's image will suffer a lot of damage if people get hurt over your negligence. When you conduct annual fire inspections, you safeguard the lives of those using the building and create the best image for your brand.

The importance of annual fire inspections cannot be overemphasised. It is the best way to ensure that your building, its contents, and everyone that works in it are safe. So, partner with local safety services to learn more about getting an annual fire safety statement.