Benefits of Metal Framed Doors for a Home

Metal framed doors can be featured in different parts of a home. They can be an external front or back door, or they can work as a room divider inside. These doors offer many benefits, several of which are described here.

Slim Frames

Metal doors are often part of an expansive glazed area at the back of a house that leads to a patio or garden. As their frames are often slimmer than timber and vinyl ones, metal doors provide a more open view of the outdoors. Conversely, wooden frames create an overall heavier structure. Metal doors can also be larger, especially if they're made of lightweight aluminium, and this will reduce the overall area taken up by the framing. You will need fewer doors in total if each one is larger, and they'll still be light enough to manage.

Variety of designs

Metal doors come in varied designs. While they're often black or grey, the framing and the metalwork are diverse. For example, you could opt for a minimal zen creation of a black frame with several horizontal strips dividing the glass panels into rectangles. Alternatively, choose French doors or ones in a classic arch shape. Black metal doors can also look chic, modern and glamorous. If you want something unique, you could get a custom door with a decorative, wide border of worked copper.

Glass Options

Metal framed doors also let you choose between multiple styles of glass infill, such as frosted, patterned or fluted decorative glazing. You can also opt for efficient double- or triple-glazed models to prevent heat from transferring through the door. Some of these products have a thermal break, which means they're built with an alternate material inside the frame that prevents the heat from passing from one side to the other. Bear in mind that triple-glazed doors have three panes, which will make them heavier to move.

Door Styles

Metal doors come in a range of styles, such as hinged, sliding or bifold. If the doors are part of an expansive wall of glass, you can set them within fixed areas of glass and matching metal framing. This will help keep the overall cost down.

Low Maintenance

A convenient aspect of metal framed doors is that they're low-maintenance. They're often powder coated with a baked-on finish that doesn't flake or chip. This means you won't need to frequently repaint the doors, as you may need to with timber varieties.